How to Sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners | Complete Step-by-Step Guide by Jungle Scout (2022)

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Jungle Scout presents: How to Sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners! This is the ultimate step-by-step video guide for those looking to learn everything there is to know about selling on Amazon in 2022.

This video is conveniently broken up into 11 steps of selling on Amazon, covering everything from product research to launching your business on Amazon. We make it as simple as possible, while making sure you know all the essential details to get started selling on Amazon in 2022.

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Want to learn how to make money on Amazon FBA?

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (or FBA) is a great way to build your own business online and be your own boss. At Jungle Scout, we share our years of expertise in the best how to sell on Amazon overview available. We help you decide what to sell on Amazon, learn how to successfully launch your product on Amazon, and share all the tips you need to know to learn how to become an Amazon seller.

We've also created a number of in-depth tutorials and guides on how to become an Amazon seller and how to grow your Amazon business. Check them out on our channel!

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0:00 What This Video Will Cover
1:05 The 4 Amazon Business Models
2:02 What is Amazon FBA?

2:56 STEP 1: How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon
3:49 Jungle Scout Product Database
4:52 Jungle Scout Chrome Extension
5:21 6 Criteria of a Good Product on Amazon
5:37 High Demand
6:15 Low Competition
6:58 Profitability
7:29 2 Main Costs That Affect Profitability
8:55 How to Calculate ROI
9:38 Jungle Scout FBA Profit Calculator
10:28 Improvement Potential
12:20 Legal & Liability Issues
14:36 Ease to Sell
15:32 Amazon Product Research Strategies
17:53 Key Takeaways

19:15 STEP 2: How to Find Amazon Suppliers
19:58 Jungle Scout Supplier Database
21:22 4 Step Process to Sourcing a Product
21:53 Create a List of 5-10 Suppliers
22:16 Send an Initial Contact Email
22:43 Contact Email Template
23:46 Free on Board (FOB) vs Ex Works (EXW)
24:32 Narrow Down Your List of Suppliers
24:37 Jungle Scout Supplier Tracker
25:04 4 Qualities of a Good Supplier
28:09 Order & Evaluate Product Samples
29:15 Key Takeaways

30:15 STEP 3: How to Pick What to Sell on Amazon
30:46 Jungle Scout Product Tracker
31:28 Compare Different FBA Product Ideas

32:23 STEP 4: How to Set Up Your Amazon Business
32:53 Choosing a Brand Name for Amazon
33:28 Setting Up an LLC
34:31 How to Create Your Amazon Seller Central Account
35:28 Individual vs Professional Account
38:59 Amazon Brand Registry Program
40:18 Key Takeaways

41:03 STEP 5: Amazon FBA Packaging, Labels & Barcodes
41:15 Purchasing Amazon UPC Barcodes
41:58 Packaging Requirements for Amazon FBA
42:44 Amazon UPC vs FNSKU Barcodes
43:14 How to Design FBA Product Packaging
44:33 Key Takeaways

45:14 STEP 6: How to Place Your First Order With Supplier
45:32 Price Negotiation Tips
46:26 How to Create a Purchase Order
46:30 Purchase Order Template
47:03 Amazon FBA Product Inspections
48:31 Key Takeaways

49:16 STEP 7: How to Ship Your Products Into Amazon
49:30 Air vs Sea Shipping for Amazon
50:16 How to Use Freightos to Hire a Freight Forwarder
51:38 FCL vs LCL Shipping
52:50 How to Create a Shipping Plan in Seller Central
59:22 Key Takeaways

1:00:17 STEP 8: How to Create Your Amazon Listing
1:01:02 Amazon Keyword Research Tips
1:02:41 How to Create A Product Listing on Amazon
1:04:55 Draft Your Listing’s Title
1:05:50 Draft Your Listing’s Bullet Points
1:06:59 Draft Your Listing’s Product Description
1:07:14 Create A+ Content on Amazon
1:07:50 Amazon Product Image Requirements
1:09:56 Key Takeaways

1:10:39 STEP 9: How to Launch Your Product on Amazon
1:11:09 3 SEO Factors That Affect Search Ranking on Amazon
1:12:20 Amazon FBA Pricing Strategy
1:13:56 Using Profit Calculator to Strategize Launch Price
1:14:17 2 Best Amazon Product Launch Strategies
1:14:31 Creating Coupons on Amazon
1:15:21 Creating Amazon PPC Ads
1:15:34 More Strategies for Getting Sales on Amazon
1:16:13 Key Takeaways

1:17:05 STEP 10: How to Get Product Reviews on Amazon
1:18:18 Jungle Scout Review Automation
1:18:48 Amazon Vine Program
1:19:44 Key Takeaways

1:20:45 STEP 11: Amazon PPC Advertising Strategies
1:21:31 Sponsored Product Ads
1:21:54 Automatic vs Manual Campaigns
1:22:35 How to Create an Automatic Campaign
1:23:21 Amazon Campaign Bidding Strategies
1:24:29 How to Create a Manual Campaign

1:25:40 Key Takeaways

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