How to Sell on Amazon for Beginners: A Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial for Amazon Sellers

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In this video, we provide a detailed step by step tutorial on the major steps involved in selling in the Amazon store so you can get started on your Amazon selling journey. We will start from the beginning showing you how to create an Amazon Seller Central account and how to use Seller Central. We will discuss how to list products including variations and shipping options. We will also discuss useful program and tools including advertising with sponsored products, A+ content, brand registry and Vine.

Introduction: 00:00
Create a Seller Central Account: 00:46
Using Amazon Seller Central: 04:07
List a Product on Amazon: 05:09
Adding a Product already on Amazon: 05:45
Adding a New Product not on Amazon: 07:37
Product Variations: 09:33
Optimize your Listings: 12:01
Shipping options on Amazon: 15:36
Shipping with Amazon FBA: 16:10
Amazon Sponsored Products: 17:21
Become the Featured Offer (Buy box): 18:13
Amazon Brand Registry and tools: 19:41
A+ Content: 20:25
Amazon Account Health: 21:22
Reviews on Amazon Products: 22:14
Feedback Manager for Customer Feedback: 24:12
Amazon Vine for Brand Owners: 24:50

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